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November 4-6, 2019
Orlando, FL

Conference Tracks

Greystone is seeking submissions from individuals who would like to present their digital experiences and contribute to the industry’s collective knowledge for the 23rd Annual Healthcare Internet Conference in Orlando, FL.

The suggested topics below are digitally-focused and relevant to today’s healthcare industry. Greystone is particularly interested in submissions that are focused on topics listed below. Please know that other topics are welcomed and seasoned speakers on advanced topics and emerging technologies are desired. 

CRM & Analytics
Technology & Tools
Sessions in this track will showcase CRM and Analytics strategies and implementation tactics through digital marketing integration success stories. This track will also help attendees understand how to evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency and business value of their digital footprint. Sample topics might include:

  • Demonstrating successful use of CRM and Analytics in digital marketing and marketing automation
  • Using Analytics to personalize the online user experience
  • Demonstrating website and digital marketing performance, ROI and business value
  • Measuring and data analytics
  • Developing digital scorecards
  • Developing and using customer journey analytics
  • Sharing advanced uses and applications of CRM and Analytics.
  • Market Research

  • Sessions in this track will highlight current best-in-class implementations of Artificial Intelligence, CMS, APIs, custom applications, workarounds, open source, etc. Sample topics might include:

  • Innovative use of 3rd party tools and solutions (e.g., analytics, CMS, social media platforms, APIs, custom applications, open source, etc.)
  • Using open source solutions in a healthcare environment
  • Deploying advanced and emerging interactive media tools and applications
  • Getting the most out of content management systems (CMS)
  • Effectively using interactive widgets, Artificial Intelligence
  • Consumerism through technology
  • Picking the right patient and portal tools to meet organizational goals.
  • Planning, implementing and integrating advanced and emerging technologies (e.g., wearables, IoT, virtual reality, augmented reality, AI, beacons, chatbots, etc.)
  • Digital Marketing/Advertising
    Design & Usability
    Sessions in this track will feature best-in-class examples of the use of digital marketing to reach organizational, business and marketing goals. Sample topics might include:

  • Reputation management
  • Building a digital marketing strategy
  • Marketing personalization
  • Developing effective email and cross-channel campaigns
  • Latest innovations in digital marketing
  • Developing and executing digital marketing campaigns
  • Managing and executing successful SEO and SEM programs
  • Using online advertising to meeting marketing goals
  • Using new and innovative search methodologies (e.g., local, voice, etc.)
  • Using voice-activated tools for search and consumer engagement
  • Integrating traditional and interactive marketing channels.
  • Sessions in this track will focus on the role of design and usability in the development of effective online user experiences. Sample topics might include:

  • Developing personas
  • Testing UX/UI and designs
  • Measuring, monitoring and improving your customers’ online experiences
  • Designing a website that supports an organizational brand strategy
  • Designing to enhance the customer experience
  • Designing highly usable multiscreen experiences
  • Latest design techniques and innovations
  • Managing and pacing a redesign process
  • Picking the right design partner
  • Developing a process for continuous design improvements
  • Video - Using multimedia to engage consumers

  • Digital Strategy & Planning
    Social Media & Mobile
    Sessions in this track will highlight the role of robust strategic thought as the healthcare industry addresses the needs of its diverse public (e.g., patients, consumers, physicians, employees, etc.) through its ever-growing digital footprint. Sample topics might

  • Building an effective web governance
  • Integration of strategy roles and organizational structures
  • Emerging trends in the strategic landscape
  • Establishing the role of “chief digital officer”
  • Addressing the challenges of building a digital team (e.g., size, positions, roles, structure, etc.)
  • Prioritizing web strategies and tactics to match resources
  • Integrating traditional and digital marketing channels
  • Developing a digital strategy for a multi-entity system
  • Integrating emerging technologies into a sophisticated web enterprise
  • Building better physician relations through use of web/digital assets and tools
  • Developing and executing an effective content strategy
  • Developing and executing an effective mobile strategy
  • Sessions in this track will focus on how social media and mobile are reshaping healthcare and how they are impacting consumer choice, branding and traditional marketing. Sample topics might include:

  • Building a social media strategy and plan
  • Using social media to reach diverse external audiences
  • Using social media to communicate with employees
  • Managing user ratings and reviews on sites and services
  • Engaging via online communities
  • Managing your online reputation
  • Managing online directory listings
  • Using online games to engage patients, donors and/or to change online behavior
  • Using crowd-sourcing in healthcare
  • Innovative uses of the newest social media platforms.
  • Building mobile strategies and applications
  • Building and maintaining mobile responsiveness
  • Improving clinical or business operations through mobile app deployment.
  • Designing effective mobile apps.
  • Mobile notification and advertising.
  • Consumer Engagement
    HCIC Sprints
    Sessions in this track will highlight some of the newer tools, solutions and tactics designed to leverage the web to improve the patient experience and to build consumer
    engagement. Sample topics include:

  • Building patient engagement through web chats, discussion boards, online communities and new technology
  • Improving the patient experience through automated alerts, text messages, reminders, etc.
  • Building systems for two-way communication (patient to practice, practice to patient, etc.).
  • Improving engagement with secondary audiences such as job seekers, referring physicians, donors, etc.v
  • Implementing online appointment services
  • Building effective Virtual Visits and/or eVisit programs
  • Communicating and engaging visitors in population health, ACOs, etc.
  • Engaging users through dynamic web personas
  • Using the web to drive patient portal activations and ongoing use.
  • Greystone is soliciting proposals for HCIC Sprint sessions – think TED Talks. Each session will be approximately 20 minutes in length (15 minutes of presented material and 5 minutes of Q&A) and designed to share good information quickly and succinctly. We are open to a wide variety of topics, but are most interested in proposals focused on:

    • A single good idea or novel concept
    • The implementation of an innovative program or product
    • A “how-to” case study
    • A success story
    • Defining a problem and its solution. If you are interested in presenting a fast track session, please select that option when completing your online application.