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November 4-6, 2019
Orlando, FL

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Creating a Content Strategy for Re-Use: In Voice, Chatbots, HRAs and More

Date: Monday, November 4, 2019
Time: 08:30 AM - 09:30 AM
Location: Colonial Room, Lobby Level

We all want intelligent content; meaning, content that is well-structured, semantically rich and that can be easily repurposed. Content reuse – the purposely planned practice of using existing components of content in multiple ways – is a true win-win.

 In this workshop, learn how to develop a content strategy specifically designed for maximum re-use. Hear from healthcare content experts on how they have deployed content strategies and tactics that are easily discoverable, reconfigurable and reusable. Listen to case studies on how content is being reused in multiple ways, including in emerging technologies such as voice search, virtual assistants, chatbots, HRAs and more. Leave the workshop with a roadmap of how to develop a strategy that allows your organization to create content once and publish it many times!

Rob Neff, Vice President, Digital Solution Development, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health
Scott Schuster, Program Director, Digital Marketing – Emerging Trends & Consumer Technology, Northwestern Medicine
Abhi Sharma, Vice President, Product, Loyal

    Facilitated by:  Ahava Leibtag, President, Aha Media Group